Random drawings and paintings from my years in Telshe-Stone (2003-9)

There is no particular order or logic to these pictures. Nor is there a development, necessarily. Some of them were an attempt to get back to pastel landscaping, after a few years without, and some were just for fun, and one of them – by commission. Sadly, lots of my charcoal works have been damages by water, and this are decorated with mold – but that does add to the beauty of the work (if not the smell).

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The Bedroom Waterfall

The Bedroom Waterfall

So if you’ve spend any  significant time in the Old City of Jerusalem, you should know who “Cowboy” is, AKA “Zadi Nati” or simply: Nati Charles, the Prince of Tales.

Uncle Nati and Babi Irma, of blessed memory, have been part of my life since I was very young. It started with a connection to my father who made an accidental phone call around 1979. Since then, we’ve been close. Nati, who was a WWII Pilot, also taught me fencing, knife throwing, and all about the Masai. He is one of the coolest people you will meet.


So Uncle Nati and his wife, Nechama, asked me to paint an “Ein Gedi” style mural in their bedroom. It took me half a year to complete it, mostly because I was very busy. I took two days to do the first part, and left it in reasonably presentable fashion for the next six months or so. Below are some highlights form the process, from beginning to end.


End of day 1

The fun part in day 2 was that my first cousin was spending the summer at my parents’ home. He was looking for something to do so I put him to work, Karate Kid style. “Paint the fence: up – down!” even though what comes to mind for all of us is “Wax on, wax off!” You can hover over the collage images to see individual captions:


Sentinel Ibex

At the end of day 2, it was basically done, I thought. But there was a whole area behind the entrance door which was left blank. Nati and Nechama could not decide what they wanted on it. Meanwhile, they decided they want to have a gazelle, to give the authentic Ein Gedi look. I was in college, hard pressed finding time to work on any painting, all the more so a mural. But you know, it’s Uncle Nati!

Finally, I got my act together and added that cute little gazelle, and it was done! The sad part is that because of the shape of the bedroom and the lighting, it was very hard to get an angle on the entire wall. So you are seeing it in fragments. But if you want to see it for yourself, you’ll have to visit Nati and Nechama, in the old city. But be warned, you might be pampered.


Mishkenot Sha’ananim – משכנות שאננים

Jerusalem Landscape נוף ירושלמי

© 2003 Nachliel Selavan
Landscape of Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem 2003. Pastel on paper. 120x70cm

Made during Ramadan in the summer of 2003, this landscape was drawn over a few days from Jaffa Gate. The reason I mention Ramadan, is because I was getting comments and feedback on topics from art to marketing, from people from all over the Arab world. I think that’s pretty cool!

After it was framed, it barely fit into the car. One more inch and the doors wouldn’t close!

Commissioned and purchased by S.K. from Bet Shemesh.

I’m afraid that the picture was taken after it was framed and put behind glass, so you will see a reflection.

צוייר בקיץ תשס״ג במהלך הרמדאן במשך כמה ימים, משער יפו

הסיבה שאני מזכיר את הרמדאן זה משום שזו הייתה חוויה מיוחדת: לעמוד בשער יפו, כאשר מבקרים מכל ארצות ערב עוברים, צופים ואף נותנים לי עצות מכל מיני תחומים – מאמנות ועד שיווק

לאחר המיסגור, הציור בקושי נכנס לרכב. עוד 1-2 ס״מ והדלת לא הייתה נסגרת

הוזמן ע״י ש.ק. מבית שמש

הצילום נעשה רק לאחר המיסגור והזיגוג, כך שישנה השתקפות

© 2003 Nachliel Selavan
Artist next to picture at clients’ house

Sunrise sketches, overlooking the Old City.. ציורי זריחה מול העיר העתיקה

Sunrise Drawings of Jerusalem –  ציורי זריחה של ירושלים

© 2006 Nachliel Selavan
Mount Scopus overlooking Jerusalem. Pastel on paper. approx 45x35cm

Getting up early in the morning to go out and sketch. A perfect summer morning activity, which my teacher, Yitzchak Giladi, invited me to join. Made on July/August 2006.

Working with pastels, we had to work very fast to capture the moment of ever changing light.

One of these two landscapes, as drawn by Yitzchak, is the cover of Rav Yigal Ariel’s new book on Eicha. If you see it, you’ll recognize it right away. Both drawings have been sold, but high quality prints can be ordered through me.

© 2006 Nachliel Selavan
Haas Promenade overlooking Jerusalem. Pastel on paper. approx. 45x35cm

לקום מוקדם בבוקר ולצאת לצייר. פעילות בוקר קיץ מושלמת, שהמורה שלי, יצחק גלעדי, הזמין אותי לא פעם לעשות יחד. צוייר בתמוז תשס״ו

עבדנו עם פסטל במהירות כדי לתפוס את הרגע הזה של האור, הבורח במהירות בדרכו לעלות מעל לראשנו

 אחד מהנופים הללו, שיצחק צייר, נמצא על כריכת הספר של הרב יגאל אריאל על מגילת איכה. תוכלו לזהות בנקל את הציור, לכשתראו את הספר

שני הציורים נמכרו, וניתן להזמין הדפסים איכותיים דרכי